Spring Meadows Same Sex Michigan Wedding Photographer - Kaye's Photography - Molly & Elizabeth

When meeting with Molly & Elizabeth at our studio, I knew I just had to capture their wedding that was occurring at Spring Meadows Golf Course in Linden, Michigan! Molly and I just fit together with our lists and organization but Elizabeth was the perfect fit for Molly to keep her stress down!! The way these two went back and forth with all the plans on my couch and how excited they were just made me that much more excited for their morning wedding! Then when they told me that french toast and bacon were being served it was confirmed they were my favorite people! 

The morning of their ceremony everyone was a bit bummed as there was rain in the forecast but Molly and Elizabeth pressed on and did not fret at a little bit of rain! We thought we were in the clear but as soon as guest started making their way to the ceremony site the sprinkles started but you know what? I didn't hear one complaint everyone grabbed an umbrella and proceeded to the ceremony so excited to get these two MARRIED!!! 

 details from a same sex marriage at spring meadows in linden michigan
 ring details and ring bearer for same sex wedding at Spring meadows in Linden Michigan
Spring Meadows-Same-Sex-Michigan-Wedding-Photographer
 bride details of a same sex wedding in linden michigan wearing a vest and pants
 bride with vest and bowtie in a same sex wedding getting married at spring meadows golf course
Spring Meadows-Same-Sex-Michigan-Wedding-Photographer

Molly & Elizabeth's first look definitely took the cake! They are just so in love and genuine with each other Elizabeth was just so taken with emotion! These are exactly what first looks are all about! As I was telling you about that rain that started well as soon as the bridesmaids started coming down the aisle the rain STOPPED everyone was able to put away their umbrellas and enjoy the ceremony! It was completely PERFECT!! 

All I know is that I was so honored to capture this amazing day and I am sure that their guests were super pumped for these Strawberry Daiquiris they looked sooo yummy! Thank you again Molly and Elizabeth for choosing Kaye's Photography to photograph your wedding day! 

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The Cheney Place Vintage Wedding | Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer | Lauren & Zeke

When I arrived at The Cheney Place in Grand Rapids, Michigan, I was completely blown way every time I turned a new corner. Seriously brides if you have not checked this venue out for your wedding DO IT NOW! Lauren and Zeke could not have picked a more fitting venue for their occasion! Their wedding was a completely intimate day with their closest family and friends and everyone could just see the love that these two had for each other ALL DAY!!! As you scroll through Lauren and Zeke's day you will see so many wedding portraits where Lauren is looking at her groom and just radiating from one year to the next and then you would turn to see Zeek just soaking it all in! 

We do have to point out Lauren's AMAZING Vera Wang PINK WEDDING DRESS!!! Come on now ladies... Can we just applaud this woman?? Lauren killed it this day with her vintage inspired updo paired with that dress and THOSE LASHES!!! I am just in LOVE with all of her bridal portraits! 

With that said I am going to just let you enjoy this day through portraits! Don't forget to let us know what you think below and as always we want to give a shot out to all of the amazing vendors that help put this day together (and if we missed one please let us know and we will update)
Venue: The Cheney Place
Hair and Make up for BRIDE: Olena Bielova
Hair and Make up for Bridal Party: Eye Do Bridal Beauty North
DJ: Dream Productions
Catering and Linens: Above and Beyond

 Bride and Bridesmaids getting ready along with bride details
 Wedding Dress hanging at the cheney place in grand rapids michigan
 bride getting ready with mother zipping dress along with bride details at the cheney place
 Father of the bride seeing bride for the first time in grand rapids michigan
 ring detail images with bridal portrait of vera wang pink wedding dress in grand rapids michigan
 groom getting ready at the cheney place in grand rapids michigan
 Groom portraits in grand rapids michigan by Kaye's Photography
 groom portraits at the Calder Plaza in grand rapids michigan

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