What to do when your guests ignore your "unplugged" wedding?- Kaye's Photography Grand Blanc Michigan

Always make sure that you have it well known that you want your ceremony or entire wedding to be "unplugged"!! Throw a note in your invitations to all the guests, post signs at your wedding, put it on your website, and even put it in your ceremony program.

 Bride and groom walking down aisle as husband and wife

If you asked your guests to stay off their phones during your ceremony and then spot a few guests misbehaving once you get your photos back there isn't really anything you can do guest wise. Talk with your photographer to see if there is a chance the phones can be edited out. If not then crop the photo creatively to put the focus on you and not the phones or find other angles of the photo that doesn't show the phones as well!!

 bridesmaids taking photos of themselves

Did you request that your guests not share anything on social media? If you spot them online shoot them a quick call or text and politely ask them to remove the photos. Let them know that you just want the event to be private and you are so happy that they were able to attend but these are your wishes and fair enough because it was your wedding day after all!!

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Why you may want to consider a Sunday Wedding- Kaye's Photography

In most places, Saturday is the most common day of the week for weddings. Alternate days of the week have become increasingly popular for weddings in recent years, leading to the rise of the Sunday wedding. We wanted to point out some of the reasons why you may want to consider a Sunday wedding!

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Availability- Have you fallen in love with a venue just to find out that its not available on the date you were anticipating? If your desired date isn’t based on sentimental reasons, it’s best to be flexible. Fridays and Saturdays book up about 12-18 months out! The weekend that you want may still be available if your willing to have a Sunday wedding!!

Discounts- Venues and vendors typically offer discounts for non-Saturday events, especially if they would have otherwise gone unbooked, meaning you could save thousands! When considering a Sunday, ask vendors if they offer any discounts for that day of the week. If so, take the amount of money saved into account. While Sundays are not the most traditional wedding day of the week, if you’re on a budget, it might be worth it.

 Mimosa bar at a Sunday afternoon wedding

Originality- Having a Sunday wedding is unique in itself, but since your going to be original with having a Sunday wedding anyways you may as well go all out with the originality of your wedding! Think about having a brunch wedding instead of an all night party so that your guests can get home in time to go to bed and be ready to get up bright and early on Monday morning! Also think about the different foods you could serve at a Sunday afternoon brunch!! Be original but still go all out!!

 Mimosa bar at a Sunday wedding